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Pointblank, many will answer “for enhanced visibility” which is true because a map pointing to your brick-and-mortar store gives a pleasurable idea of welcoming customers and interested people to come and take a peek at your company and eventually do business with you. But to embed a map on your website does not limit with the benefits of being a store locator.

embed a map

Point ‘Em To Your Business

Show the world where you are. This is very important especially if you have a number of chain retail stores.  Embed a map of all your retail outlets. You can add different routes to help customers with driving directions.

Show ‘Em Your Activity

Choose other Mapline mapping features to develop different map visualization styles that will help your customers grasp the scope of your activities. Create a heatmap with Mapline and embed it to your website so your audience will understand how your business fare in several different geographical areas. Whether you’re in customer service related business, in an insurance industry, non-profit organizations, or other industries, embed a map to show your scope of operations.

Tell ‘Em Your Story

Telling your business story ignites interest. We have often read news stories with accompanying map. Question: Without map visualization, how can your audience identify with what you’re telling them? Do you think spreadsheets will motivate them to be interested in your business? No, but maps will! Embed a  map to your website and watch how significantly quick your conversion will be. The more they see a clear visualization about how your business works, the more their attention is glued – eventually understanding your company through and through. Create a pin map, a radar heat map, or a route planner and watch your site visitors (and potential customers) grow!

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Industries like Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, and many others have tried sharing their map Excel data to department heads, decision makers, clients and customers. The results are astounding!

Share map

Why Do You Need to Share Your Map?

Sharing maps start with a clear intention of what to communicate.

  • Sales companies share sales territory maps to sales teams to understand new and current market.
  • Government offices share maps to different department heads or constituents to understand social needs.
  • Realtors share maps of properties to clients to provide them with information about properties on sale.

Sharing map Excel data makes it easy to give visibility. Share your business activities to people that truly matter to your business – teammates, colleagues and decision makers.

What to Share on a Map

  • A radius map to understand which customers to visit during a sales visit
  • A territory heatmap of sales density
  • A radar heatmap to show which market needs to be tapped
  • A pin map of customers and competitors’ relationship
  • A 3-level map showing customers, competitors and business outlets
  • A sales map to define sales team responsibilities

Learn How to Share Your Map in Seconds

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Mapping multiple locations is a great data analysis tool. It allows the users to plot more than 2 data sets and visualize on a single map. It makes analysis more in depth. For instance, from your Excel spreadsheet, you want to visualize the areas where your sales teams are highly performing compared to poorly performing. Filter the spreadsheet, copy and paste the filtered rows to Mapline. Your map will show different map pins each representing different data sets!

map multiple locations

How to Create Multiple Layers from Your Spreadsheet

Subscribers of Mapline online mapping software can map multiple locations and customize the map pin size, color, and shape. They can also upload a custom image. Experience the distinction of your data sets! Mapping starts at 500 different locations per day! Map visualizations of multiple locations is WAY easier than browsing through a list of geographical locations entered in rows and columns of spreadsheet. Convert Excel to map and start plotting multiple addresses!

How to Customize Map Pins for Each Data Set

Companies can do data distinction as they add more data sets on their map. Enterprise subscribers can add up to 15,000 locations and 250 different data sets. To make the map visualization more interesting, add links and images to the locations.

Sample Application in Healthcare Industry

Mapping multiple locations is a big help in healthcare industry. Clinics, hospitals, insurance providers, medical research centers, and others in the industry has been relying on this tool for data analysis. Here are some areas where mapping multiple locations is useful in the healthcare industry:

Who are The Big Players

One of the critical factors in healthcare industry is alliances. By using Mapline online mapping software, a healthcare company can be prepared to identify its alliances even with limited resources in the shortest period of time. Map locations of big companies and target markets in a map. Map Excel data in less than 3 minutes using different data sets. When they are plotted altogether, you can identify the companies, sectors and factors that have the most influence in your business and the industry as a whole.

Focus on Spatial Connections and Location Relationships

Once the Excel spreadsheet is filtered and plotted each specific specialization on the map, you can now focus more on the required specialization to execute. It will help you identify connections between different address locations from different categories. You can understand possible risks and opportunities and identify solutions for each specific problem.

Create a Business Model

What type of services/products do your customers need? With Mapline you can map multiple locations up to 250 data sets. Identify how your company could be affected by different factors (data sets) like doctors, pharmacies, patients, insurance providers, and a dozen others by mapping multiple locations.

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As an online mapping software, Mapline makes it easy for the users to map Excel data the easiest! By plotting data on a map, you will experience tons of benefits including…


  • Identify the gaps between 2 or more Excel spreadsheet data sets
  • Identify the connection between locations or between data sets
  • Achieve goals faster
  • Understand the point of the entire map visualization
  • Understand the relevance of the information from the data gathered to their business missions
  • Data analysis is made easier with powerful map visualizations
  • Share and communicate key ideas with the team
  • Identify new markets
  • Optimize logistics
  • Increase customer connection
  • Use data information for critical decision making
  • Easily create marketing strategies and business plans

Why use Mapline to map Excel data?

Why not? With Mapline you can:

  • Easily map Excel data in minutes! – color-coded map, heat map, territory map, pin map, route planner, radius map, radar map, et.al
  • Start mapping for FREE!
  • Access your maps and data anytime
  • Rely on geocoding speed
  • Be assured of high security (SSL)
  • Watch easy mapping video tutorials
  • Share maps instantly
  • Choose from hundreds of territory boundaries
  • Customize your own map pins
  • Embed a map to your website
  • And a lot more!

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Why map Excel data?

Map Excel Data

Spreadsheet and Map – both contain information but the difference is visualization. Excel shows figures. Map tells stories. Excel shows rows and columns of entries. Map puts connections to the entries locked in those columns. When data is presented in color coded maps, it becomes more appealing, satisfying the eyes and mind.

Unless you plot your Excel spreadsheet in a map, your data will not reveal the insights needed to make informed decisions. Data that is visualized on a map and expressed in multi-colors is far more engaging than data locked up inside a spreadsheet’s cells. Once mapped, you can distinguish relationships and connections that may be overlooked before. The result is powerful! You will be better and timely informed which is very critical for decision making.

From Excel to map – use Mapline online mapping software!

Ready for game-changing map visualizations?

Step-by-step guide on how to map Excel data

Watch this short video to help you create your first map Excel data.



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Written by Marga Dela Cruz on February 27th, 2015. Posted in Mapping

It’s Friday again and it only means one thing – Mapping Day! This time, we would like to present a number of interesting articles how maps are used in different fields. You will be awed of the map visualizations presented by Apple, maps used to learn more about dolphin captivity, maps used to understand international business culture and health risks, and more!

Apple’s New 3D Mapping Apps  in London

(view original news here)

Apple Map

Last Wednesday, Apple launched an updated version of its flyover map of London in 3D. Within weeks, the map is expected to be showcased on Big Ben’s Cloc k Tower and London Eye. People passing through will see a clear glimpse of the map as it constantly rotates.

Where Do Locals Go in Major Cities?

(view original news here)

Mapping locals

Ever wonder about the human movement in major cities of the world? Map maker and data artist Eric Fischer came up with maps showing where locals and tourists were spending most of their time, and what major cities house the most locals. The map is based on geo-tagged tweets. You may ask, who are the locals? Who are the tourists?  Read on to learn how the maps were created.

A Cultural Guide to International Business

(view original news here)

Mapping International Business

Towergate came up with this great map to help understand having business relations internationally.  The map serves an a comprehensive guide to understand international business culture. The map is based on 6 factors:

  • Power Distance
  • Individualism
  • Masculinity
  • Uncertainty Avoidance
  • Pragmatism
  • Indulgence

By filtering these options on the map, Mapline helps our users to dig deeper into different characteristics for more concise data analysis.

Mapping Dolphin Captivity Across the Globe

(view original news here)

Mapping Dolphin Captivity

The endless fascination in the intelligence of dolphins led to its captivity. As of mapping, there are only 5 from more than 200 countries that fully support the banning of dolphin captivity. The news explains the plight of the dolphins in the captivity industry.  It is an eye opener and every reader should think and be moved to do positive things to protect the dolphins. Information dissemination is one way to promote awareness about the true conditions of the dolphins. Mapline can help in this area. Maps are easy to create, showing international territories. Then, website owners can embed the maps to their websites in less than a minute. By viewing the embedded maps on the website, more people will be informed.

Mapping International Health Risk

(view original news here)

Mapping International Health Risk

 The International SOS recently published a map that shows to help tourists and travelers understand the risks in countries they plan to visit. The risks are divided into 5 categories:

  • Low Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • High Risk
  • Extreme Risk
  • Rapidly developing countries



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Meet the fastest growing segment of the earth’s population today – the millennials! They’re your kids, your friends’ kids, or even those living across your street. You always come across them as you both stuck on traffic, as you do your groceries, at the shopping malls – literally they’re everywhere! In honor for this significant group, we thought it best to collate some great articles to help you understand them.


What do Millennials Really Want?

(view original article here)

What do Millennials really want? The anatomy of millennials is revealed in this article. For example, do you know that this group is also  known to be  a foodie group? Somerville’s Main Street has a wide range of restaurants catering to  the Generation Y. Why is the food business booming? One of the keys to attract this rapidly growing market is  affordability.

 As a location analysis software, Mapline provides mapping tools to help companies to attract more millennials.  For instance, just last week, we have developed a new filter option which will really help the users to  analyze where the market is. On the map, users can filter their data to analyze each data characteristic. For example, if you want to know where the millennials are residing on a particular area, the filter option is best.

Studying the Lifestyles of Millennials

(view original article here)

CPG marketers are targeting this group. The article cited examples of successful companies that use different strategies to win them over. Target for example uses coupons. But in the end, the author advises to establish not just a quick fix. Once companies are able to tap what keeps this group of people going, they can establish a lasting customer relationship.

Atlantic City Tries to Attract More Millennials

(view original article here)

Attracting Millennials in Atlantic City

If you think that Atlantic City is just America’s Favorite Playground, think again. According to this article, officials are doing their best to attract more millennials to stay at the city, and enjoy the comfort and pleasure it has to offer. Sure there may be problems involved but with proper planning and execution, AC will soon be called the “Millennial City.”

Here’s how planning using mapping tools can help. Map Atlantic City using territory overlay. Maps with territory boundaries help increase the power of visualization. It also digs deeper into analysis. When this popular group of people is to study for market research, the first thing to do is to analyze the territories involved.

Millennials value new technological features

(view original article here)

This group, ages 35 and under, will lead the way in the usage of smart technology. Yes, it costs a lot but knowing most people in this group, they are willing to invest. What I like about this article is that it points out the discrepancy of decisions when it comes to seeing and utilizing technology.

Realtors: Market ideal for millennials

(view original article here)

Here is a greaRealty business for millennialst article for those in the real estate industry. Do you know that there are certain specifications that Generation Y is looking for before purchasing a property? Read this article so you would know what are the basics that you need to know about them. What do they look for? What do they fear? How can you help them decide?

One smart way to help them decide is to provide a clear view of what you’re presenting. Share a map with them, showing the exact location, the image of the property, and even the website link. Map visualizations are a powerful tool to capture pertinent information which may be left hidden in spreadsheet columns and rows.


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Written by Marga Dela Cruz on February 20th, 2015. Posted in Mapping

What have you missed this week? Let us refresh your memories so you’d be updated with the latest news all over the world. As always – they’re brought to you in maps!

Mapping Travels During Chinese New Year

(view original news here)

Mapping Chinese NY Travel

Celebrated yesterday, the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), claimed to be one of the world’s most celebrated annual movements of people, numbering in the billions. Baidu created this awesome heatmap to reveal the travel routes made by individual travellers. The brightest lines reflect places like Beijing, Shanghai, as well as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan.

Map of Top Love Songs by State in the US

(view original news here)

Mapping Top Love Songs

Tableau had published a map showing the top love songs in each state by year. Interesting! Mapping was made in collaboration with Google Trends to get the search volume index of all 50 states. When you click on a state, it will reveal the top love song on a particular year. Cool, huh!

Map of Polar Vortex to Bring More Historic Cold

(view original news here)

Mapping Polar Vortex

This map shows the impact of the Polar Vortex in the Eastern US. The article showed that the icy coldness cannot just be blamed in Arctic. One top reason is the “Siberian Air” that goes along the North Pole and North America, thus the term “Siberian Express.” Because of this, a freeze warning is up in different parts of the country.

Mapping WiFi Signal in 3D

(view original news here)

Mapping WiFi in 3D

It is now possible to map the WiFi signal in 3D according to YouTuber who goes by the name of CNLohr. Recently, he developed a techy way to analyze the WiFi strength of any 3D space. His tools? WiFi module and a CNC mill. What’s good about it is that the map is interactive. For instance, attach an LED to the handheld hardware, and you can see the change in color depending on the relative quality in a given location.

Mapping the Richest Towns in Every State

(view original news here)

Mapping USA Affluence

Now this is exciting! Business Insider has published a map showing where the richest towns on each state are located. Do these towns ring a bell? Dakota Dunes? Belle Meade? Kiawah Island? The map was based on 2008-2012 American Community Survey based on income estimates. You’ll be surprised to know the Top 10 Richest Towns in the USA.


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Written by Marga Dela Cruz on February 19th, 2015. Posted in Enhancements

There’s no place like home.” So goes the saying, which we can’t dispute. And if the home gives you all the things that you need, who needs to go out? At Mapline, we would like to give our users the friendliest “home” to add more value on their mapping experience. Since the first stop is the Homepage, we thought it would be best to do some “rennovation.” Additional features were added not only to look more appealing but more so to give our users the enhanced usability of functions. Here are the new changes that you will notice. What’s even better is that they’re available to use now!

Search Button

Homepage Search Button

Click the search button and  start typing the name of the map or data set that you’re looking for. Even if you type in just 2 or 3 characters, the system will provide you options to choose from.

Organize Column

Tiny triangle Homepage

Now, you can sort each column by clicking on the column header. Click each column and the triangle will appear to help you sort out the list. For instance, map names can be arranged in alphabetical order (or reverse). Date created can be organized in chronological order (or reverse).

Duplicate Button


There’s a new option – Duplicate – which is very helpful. For example, you would like to test adding different radius circles on your map but at the same time, you would also like to retain the original map. What can you do? Just click the box of the map that you want to duplicate. Hit duplicate and automatically, the map is duplicated. The copy can be found below the map that was duplicated.

Organize Pages


Now you can organize the pages of your maps or data sets. If you want the page to show all your maps, or just 20 maps or 50 maps, you can do so instantly! Just scroll down at the bottom and on the right side you can see the option to show your maps or data sets in order that you want.

We hope that the newly added features will help you be comfortable in your new home. For any suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.


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Written by Marga Dela Cruz on February 17th, 2015. Posted in Mapping


photo credit: leadership platform

“Leadership is not a position or title. It is action and example.” – Anonymous

Since every business owners want to be a leader, our Top 5 Tuesday articles for this week is all about leadership. We believe that leading a company takes more than just a position. It needs goals, actions, and of course, the right mapping tools to assist them.

3 Ways to Avoid the Leadership Mistakes That Undermine Your Team

(view original article here)

The author identified 4 leadership mistakes: (1) inconsistent communication; (2) lack of clarity of strategy and goals; (3) poor accountability; and (4) rewarding competition instead of cooperation. The 3 ways that the author mentioned are very practical, though they are often taken for granted. Here in Mapline, we make it a point to assist leaders on everything they need to stay focused, and connect with their team members. What can help leaders achieve the ways is to use mapping tools to create radius maps. They are a powerful visual that leaders can create in just minutes to help them connect with their teams. They provide insights on how sales team assignments can be divided, how team leads will create strategy, and how each team can help each other.

4 Leadership Traits to Win in Business

(view original article here)

What I like most about the article is that it stresses about strategic and agile thinking. In changing environment, company leaders should be quick in communicating the company’s goals and visions especially when risks are impediments. Hence, being agile in thinking is a necessity in decision making. One tool that will help leaders be quick in addressing issues is a heat map. B y creating a map of percentage in less than a couple of minutes, leaders can quickly identify which business areas are doing good and which needs more focus thereby allowing them to think accordingly and make the right decisions.

Build Your Leadership on a Foundation of Trust

(view original article here)

The author stresses the need to build trust on the whole team. How can leaders do achieve this? Exactly what the article says: clear the air! Leaders should learn to trust their team members, allowing them to think, plan and create steps to achieve company goals. In Mapline, we make sharing maps the easiest process. Why? Because we believe that team efforts will take the company a long, long way. When maps are shared to team members, they can easily capture what the leader’s visions are. Especially in team meetings, members can freely give their insights real time when the maps are shared with them.

Replace Your Bad Leadership Habits In 2015

(view original article here)

Aside from being well-written, the article not only provided the bad habits of leadership. More than that, the article stresses out how leaders can do away with specific bad habits, how the habits can negatively affect the entire company, and how it can be replaced. For instance, we all know that poor communication and hoarding knowledge are 2 traits that reflect inefficient leaders. But what can be done about these traits? Incidentally, Mapline CAN help improve communication as well as help leaders share their knowledge through map visualizations.

The One Trait All Leaders Should Have

(view original article here)

If there’s one trait of a leader that stands high and mighty from all other traits, what would it be? Being intelligent? Responsible? Goal-getter? According to this article, a leader should be able to make a connection with those working for him or with him. It has been an age old debate whether or not an organization leader should be spending time talking with people in lower ranks. However, the article included an interview with a CEO that true leadership equates with engaging emotionally and intellectually with people within the company.


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Visualize Data Locations
Visualize Data Locations
Visualize Data Locations