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In line with mapping in simplicity, we are proud to release a new mapping tool that puts the “A+” in data analysis. We’re talking about sub-layers. Though the name isn’t as cool as its abilities, we tell you – they bring huge analytical power to the users! Just by a few clicks, it can answer difficult questions such as:

- How can I identify a particular group of pins?

- Where are my retail stores with the highest sales located?

- How can I analyze a particular group of pins with the rest of the pins on my map?

- How can I create a multi-layered map from my data set?

The answer? The Sublayer feature! It makes mapping simpler while trimming your analysis down in only minutes. How cool is that?

Here’s how it works. See the map below? Here, you’re shown a map with crowded pins. Does that mean anything? Not in the first glance. Yes, the map does say something about the locations and the pins represent addresses. But if you really want to know the connections between thse map pins, you need to re-group them by category. Thanks to the new feature, you now have the power to organize your map pins and make your data analysis much less trickier.

Map before applying sublayers

 When the sublayers feature is applied using “Unique Values,” here’s what you can get. The map pins are categorized on their status – Open or Closed. Notice that the map pins by sublayer also changed so you can easily identify which is which. At the left sidebar, you can also see how many pins are in closed status and how many are in open status.

Sublayers: Unique Values


For further solutions, feel free to use the Custom Groups selection. It will open new ideas as you step in and categorize your pins in different layers. It is also a vital tool to create exceptional map visualizations for presentations. Show your audience the different tiers of data set that affects your business.

How to Apply Sublayers

Regroup your data and create a 3 layer map showing your customers addresses, distribution centers, and competitors. Since each group is represented by unique pin colors, relationship between the groups can be easily identified. Here’s a map using the Custom Groups where you can create different groups and add calculations.

Sublayers using Custom Group

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply Sublayers

So stop scratching your head in confusion. Instead, simply click the Sublayers button to see the wonders it can bring to your data analysis!

Try it now! and see for yourself the awesome abilities of sublayers.


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What are Electric Power Services?

Electricity Power Services

Photo Credit: ca.gov

In most cases, electric power services are the major provider of energy. They are engaged in generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity for sale in the market. They are absolutely necessary to factories, commercial establishments, and even residential homes to avoid inconvenience and economic loss.

Electric utilities can be applied to investor owned or publicly owned cooperatives, Some utility services are engaged in both but in other cases, they are just involved either on investor owned or publicly owned. Electric power services are regulated by local and national authorities.

Electric Power Services in CA


Map of Electric Power Services

The in-state electricity generation system of California generates more than 200,000 gigawatt-hours every year. It is transported all over 32,000 miles of transmission lines. The state produced 70% of the electricity it uses.

Electric Utility Companies

According to california.gov, the state is served by about 75 load-serving entities (LSEs) broken down as:

  • Investor-Owned Utilities – 6
  • Publicly Owned Utilites – 48
  • Rural Electricity Cooperatives – 4
  • Native American Utilities – 3
  • Other Electricity Service Providers – 14

The 5 largest utilities are:

  • Southern California Edison Company (SCE)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) – 10,917 million kliowatt-hours

Mapping Electric Power Services

Mapping is important to energy sectors. Why? For one, the energy industry houses thousands of companies not only in California but from all parts of the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, the industry is also one where terabytes of data is generated every year. How electric power services use their data has drastically changed year after year. As a map plotting software, Mapline offers the easiest mapping tools to help companies keep up with the growing demands of data generated. Maps are powerful data visualization tools that help users to analyze their data, maximize their potentials and discover new insights.

In Mapline, we understand that data analytics and understanding should be a top priority for Electric Power Services. Here, then, are some features to create a map for better, smarter and faster decisions.

Add data

Add Excel spreadsheet data

Mapline has fast geocoding services that enable users to create a map in a few minutes. The beauty of analyzing data through maps is that these powerful data visualization tools help them identify the right market. They can target potential customers in minutes compared to other time consuming methods. Different data sets can be plotted so the map would show multiple data layers. It helps uncover relationships between data layers – electric power companies, competitors, customer types, and more. The more data you plot, the easier you can identify opportunities in business and marketplace gaps.

Click here to learn how to add your data

Add Territory Overlays

 US State Territory Overlay

Location reveals valuable local factors affecting your business and the industry. Just by looking at maps with territory overlays, you will be empowered to understand factors that may affect you – directly or indirectly. It allows you to discover new insights so you can quickly act to improve your business operations. Mapline offers territory boundaries for overlays. It has recently added “US Electric Utilities Service Areas” for (CA, KY, ME, MN, MI, NC, SC, OH) so you can create a map of your data and then link it to the territory.

Territory boundaries are very useful data analysis tool to target

  • Improved profitability
  • Organized logistics
  • Marketing strategy

Having the right territory analysis helps you to monitor your business performance more efficiently. By understanding the territories, you are able to understand what your target market is.

Click here to learn how to add territory overlays

For a complete list of territory boundaries, click here

Heat Map Sales Data

Heat map

Excel spreadsheet data can be analyzed easily when visualized through maps. By heat mapping, data analysis is made even more valuable. Maps ignite new ideas to help the users set up realistic plans to achieve company goals effectively. In a way, heat maps show data stories. The more data plotted on an area, the weightier it could get (darker color). In electric and energy industries, heat maps are often used in:

  • Business strategy planning
  • Identifying growth potentials
  • Mitigating risks
  • Managing business
  • Understanding local needs
  • Understanding territories.

Don’t Know How to Heat Map? Click here

Many companies in electric and energy industry have signed up to Mapline and have experienced value-based mapping technology to the fullest.

Start mapping now with your Electric Power Utilities data. Click here.


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What is Localization?

Localization (or simply “l10n”) is a key ingredient to improve the effectiveness of business. Understanding local environment equates with successful understanding of market. Localization is more than just studying the language or the culture of the market. It means connecting to the people, building trust.

Especially in New York, localization should be aimed for by companies why is there a need for localization in business?

To cite a few reasons:

  • New York’s gross state product in 2010 was $1.16 trillion
  • If New York State is an independent nation, it would be the Top 15 largest economy in the world.
  • Guess what’s the most economically powerful city and the leading financial center of the world? New York City
  • Manhattan boasts of having two of the largest stock exchanges
  • Some of the top media conglomerates are based here.
  • New York has a diverse market and has its great share in booming economy. Different industries including architecture, advertising, design, fashion and  new media add up to a continuous share of employment.

New York map with cities and towns


Mapline for Localization

Make use of map plotting software like Mapline to help people visualize relationships, patterns and trends. The first step to do that is to create a map – one that contains geographical data information about  their stores, customers, competitors and other factors that affect the business. Creating a map, like a New York map for instance, as location analysis tool helps you remove the one-size-fits-all approach. Maps empower business owners, local store managers and industry leaders with decision making power that leads to their success. Since maps provide insights that can be easily visualized, important factors can now be easily understand, opportunities are pinpointed, and business can be optimized in different areas.

What a New York map can do for localization

A map plotting software allows companies to reach their target markets – something that would be impossible for them to access in the past. Creating a map as a data visualization tool can build a great user experience to achieve success from marketing strategy. Mapline offers NY territory boundaries in creating New York map such as counties, zip codes, state, cities and towns.


New York map with multiple data sets

Mapline empowers its users to map multiple locations as it helps to sharpen the business network and provide the best possible service rightly fit for the customers. Use your geography-based Excel spreadsheet data as you create a New York map. When your map contains multiple data sets, you can further research on other potentials.

For example, retail industry covers a huge percentage in NY economy. Retailers are concerned about searching for potential locations. Using a map plotting software, they can creating a map (like a New York map) that will show them how their business can be affected by several different factors. Mapping can save them huge savings because it allows them to see through business operations – a small amount of investment (yet a wise decision) than investing in different analytical and market research services. Retailers can create a NY map showing geographic locations based on their average income. This helps them pinpoint where customers are likely to be.

Click here to add multiple data sets to your map


NY heatmap

Heat mapping is an effective solution to maximize all your efforts. It is often used to:

  • Gauge market potential
  • Achieve maximum sales growth
  • Analyze patterns or business trends
  • Mitigate and manage risks
  • Communicate and prepare key marketing activities

Read here some advantages of heat mapping

Click here to learn how to easily create a heat map


Radius map

Create an effective marketing outreach when you use the draw pad feature. Why? For one, it will help you to stay locally relevant. Surely, you want more than just building new stores right? Improving your business is far better. How can you achieve it? A simple step is to use the draw pad. It has been a very vital tool to many Mapline users as they delve deeper into their Excel spreadsheet data of their neighborhood. With this tool, you can start customized territory mapping

Click here to know the uses of using a draw pad

Click here to know how territory mapping can improve your business

Localization is the key to successful optimization, maximizing improving your business. As a location analytics tool, Mapline can help start your game plan through map visualization.

For the complete list of Mapline’s territory boundaries, click here

Sign up now to create your New York map with cities, towns, state, counties or zip code


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Getting to Know USA Area Codes

Let’s do some number games. Ready?

1947 – When telephone country codes started. Bell System started it all.

1951 – The 1st directly dialed long distance call occurred.

201 - The 1st area code installed and was assigned to New Jersey.

212, 312, 213, 313 - Area codes of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit respectively. They are the most densely populated areas that had the large incoming call volumes, hence were assigned the shortest area codes. It required the least time for dialing using the then rotary dial telephone.

214 – Forth Worth, Dallas area code

215 – Philadelphia area code

915 – Assigned to a rural place in Texas.

Mapline and Mapping USA Area Codes

US Area Codes

Mapline users now can take advantage of creating a map using USA Area Codes as territory boundary. Organizations often use this territory mapping for diverse uses especially in territory management.

Click here how to use Territory Overlays for mapping


  • Telemarketing
  • Sales territory planning
  • Territory management
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer connection

Check out the complete list of Mapline’s Territory Boundaries

Sign up now to start using USA Area Codes for territory mapping


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With so many benefits that you can get from territory mapping, the next question is… why Mapline?

Territory Mapping


Read here the benefits of Territory Mapping

In Mapline, there are countless of reasons why territory mapping should be used in territory management, sales strategy, business process, market search, and alignment of sales teams with their designated assignments. Here we can give you 5 Reasons to choose Mapline as your mapping software for territory mapping.

Increase sales potential

Mapline Territory Mapping Software develops tools for optimal alignment that will increase sales potentials. Its coverage overlays help determine which target customers are within a given radius, thus build up better customer coverage. This results to sales teams to spend more time reaching out to customers and prospects while spending less time traveling.

Click here to know more about coverage overlays

Decrease cost of sales

The more organized your territories, the lesser the driving time. That means your company can save a lot from travel expenses. Take advantage of the draw pad to create a route planner.

Read here to know more about the advantages of using the draw pad

Gain competitive advantage

Use Mapline’s heat mapping option to better understand the competition. Learn about your competitors’ strategy, business risks, opportunities and threats as you initiate critical thinking. Heat maps for territory management is designed in a way that you can see darker shaded colored areas that represent greater data value. Outmaneuver your competitors with this smart tool.

Read here to know some advantages of heat mapping

Sales Teams to Sales Territories Alignment

Communication is highly essential to managing teams. Without it, teams can be easily misaligned on how they can reach their goals. But if a territory map is shared on each sales members and each sales teams, or embedded on their website, they can identify the proper approach and start their sales planning effectively. Confusion can be avoided as separate sales teams can do away with duplicate efforts. Having an Enterprise account will give your company an edge to update your sales performances whenever you want.

Read here to know the advantages of sharing maps

Oh! and did we mention an equally important reason to choose Mapline?

It’s Easy to Use!

We provide the territories and we give you the tools suitable for all your territory mapping needs. All you need to do is map!

Watch a short video tutorial on how to start on custom territory mapping

Sign up now to start your own territory mapping


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Share or present location information – not just map pins

Make sure your location information is accurate before presenting or showing it. How? Show them the labels. Use Mapline’s easy mapping features of showing labels of your map pins and territory sets.

Show map pin labels

Labels of map pins

In a split second, you can show your map pin labels all at once. The “Labels” feature empowers Mapline users to display all location labels in an instant. Click again to hide the labels on your map Excel data.

Why the need to show labels?

This mapping tool is very useful when presenting map visualizations. During presentations, you don’t want to confuse your audience with map pins all over without revealing the identities of your address locations. By showing labels, maps tell significant information. It is also very useful when you want to to print your map or embed it in your website.

Step-by-step guide on how to show map pin labels 

Show bubble

Map Pin Bubble

Click a map pin and it will show a bubble – sort of a “cheat sheet” on what the address location is all about. Basically, everything you have entered on your Excel spreadsheet data pertaining to that address location will be shown on your map. Your map showing a map pin bubble can be printed, shared or embedded on your website.

Read here to know what to show on your map pin bubble

Show Territory Labels

territory labels

Mapline gives you an access to easily show labels of your territory sets. This mapping tool is essential in better territory management. Present a map visualization showing territories with labels to easily divide sales territories. Use this for location analysis and market research.

Step-by-step guide on how to show territory labels

Watch a short video tutorial on showing labels


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What is a Pin Map?

Pin Map

1 location = 1 pin

Got the idea?

Therefore, a pin map contains pins that each represent a geographical location. Be it a complete address, a county, a region, a state, or a zip code, Mapline can help you plot a pin map. Columns on your Excel spreadsheet data is plotted on your map data, allowing you to search for  geographic information faster.

Map visualization is more powerful and can be understood in minutes rather than viewing the same information on a spreadsheet! Begin plotting your map ping now and use other Mapline tools to go down to different levels of data analysis.

Add your own customized map pins

Plot huge amounts of data

Mapline Enterprise subscribers can plot pins up to 15,000 locations per 24-hours. They can also enjoy saving up to 250 pin maps!

Cluster your map pins

Cluster Map Pin

Are the pins too hard to handle? Then cluster them! Cluster is a new feature offered by Mapline that can be used to group together all the pins in a geographic areas. For example, if you have 44 customers found in a state, all the 44 pins will be clustered together and will fall on one group named “44.” This is a very useful tool especially when you are analyzing with tons of pins spread all throughout your map!

Watch this video on how to cluster your pins

Choose different map pin styles!

Choose from a great line of map pin styles! Use them to express different data sets on your pin map. You can also customize your map pin styles by uploading an image and use it as your pin map!

Read here to learn more about customizing pins for pin map

Transform Excel data into pins on a map now


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Let your company’s sales be magnified without increasing cost

Since Mapline added the draw pad on its long line of easy mapping tools, the benefits of using maps as data visualization spiked up. Business leaders and company owners who have experienced using this mapping tool agree that their time of analyzing data have significantly trimmed down to more than half of the time they spend using different kinds of analytic programs.

Draw Pad – Up Close and Personal

Distance Calculator

distance calculator mapping tool

Measuring a map point from one data set to a different map point from  another data set provides valuable data that can be used for actionable  insight. Want to know the exact distances between map points? It’s easy  with Mapline! In a few seconds, you can measure the distance between  map points from different Excel spreadsheet data sets.

 Watch our Tutorial Video on How to Use the Distance Calculator

Step-by-step guide on how to calculate distances between map points

 Drawing Lines

distance measurement mapping tool

Drawing lines from one map point to another and still another… and so on and so forth. Click the icon to draw a polyline and start drawing lines. Each line that you draw (from end to end) will give you the distance between the 2 map points.

Use this mapping tool during presentations, or when you are creating a route to visit your customers, or creating a store locator.

Read other blog posts about draw pad feature

Watch our tutorial video on how to measure distances on a map

Customize Territory Maps

customize territory

The draw pad lets you experience creating and managing sales territory maps more effectively. When sales territories are customized, company goals can be achieved faster. Here are some benefits that Mapline users reap when this mapping tool is used:

  • Identify new market
  • Study the competition
  • Define sales territories by team, customers, or geographical region
  • Establish good customer connection
  • Overseer the projects better
  • Provide driving routes
  • Route planning

Watch our tutorial video on how to customize territory maps

Read our posts about the benefits of customizing territory maps

Sign up now to start using the draw pad


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Wow your audience with enhanced visualization

Here are two maps showing the same number of map pins. Which do you think is more understandable?

Map pins Customize Map Pins

The map on the left would tell us that the map contains different data sets. In Mapline, each data set is represented by a unique marker. This mapping tool contributes many benefits in business. When map pins are customized, viewers can easily identify which Excel spreadsheet data is being mapped on a particular region. When doing a presentation, customized map pins can tell a more powerful story behind data.

Step-by-step guide to customize map pins

Do away with boring presentations! Customized location markers can help you achieve these:

  • Understand locations better
  • See the connections between different data sets (competitors, store locations, customers, et.al)
  • Visualize sales planning
  • Realistic business planning
  • Enhanced marketing strategy
  • Create store locator
  • Planning facilitation

Watch a tutorial video to customize map pins

Sample Application #1: Identify Connections

You want to see how many competitors there are in a geographic region. You also want to know how many customers there are in the same region. When you map your competitors, your customers and your store locations, you will clearly identify different insights. How can you fare in the competition? What real-time business planning will you apply? What marketing strategies will be effective?

Sample Application #2: Customer Relationship Enhancement

Customers’ needs are forever changing which may bring critical impact to your business. When you plot your customer data along with other factors like the growing companies in the area, growing population, et.al., you may want to tweak some marketing programs to continually ofer the services and products relevant to your customers’ needs.  Maps with customized pins help in enhancing customer relationship. Studying geographical locations of customers using this mapping tool will take you to a whole new level of understanding about your customers.

Sample Application #3: Planning Facilitation

When it comes to planning facilitation, customizing map pins becomes a new mapping tool favorite  of project managers. They can plot different project status and paste them on a map. For example, projects that are ongoing can be plotted in green markers; those that haven’t been started can be plotted in yellow markers and those that are already finished can be plotted in red markers.  Using customized markers helps them to see the entire projects for specific data analysis.

Sign up now to enjoy the many benefits of customizing map pins!


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Managing sales territories is time consuming.


Assigning sales territories to teams are prone to mistakes.


Many companies do not fully recognize the many benefits of using mapping tools for sales territory mapping.

Agree? Indeed! Sure, spreadsheets can be used, but will not give you the results that you want to know. There may be errors in data that may not be easily identified.

Instead of being stuck into a hit-and-run process, use Mapline to build map Excel data for sales territory mapping. Lack of data analysis in concise process prevents an organization to maximize the full potential of the sales team. Without the proper map visuals, sales individuals have no focus, and will just strike anywhere.

Sales Territory Mapping

A simple use of Sales Territory Mapping Software like Mapline can help your business grow fast. How?

Why Use Mapline as your Sales Territory Mapping Software

Sales Territory Maps Helps Companies to be More Organized

For a marketing campaign to be successful, goals should be strategic. Actions should be go along with plans. Companies can create project sales territory maps for each team. Project status by area can be categorically colored like green for starting, orange for half way and red for completed. This will give a clear visual for sales individuals on how wide and how much more work should be done to cover their territories.

Many companies have found that using Mapline as their Sales Territory Mapping Software helps them to improve their marketing campaign. A certain campaign may not always result favorably in all areas. When sales territories are mapped and given to sales teams, sales managers and campaign leaders can control which marketing campaign is best fitted in a particular area.

Mapline also offers radius map which can be used for sales territory mapping. Such map helps sales managers to identify areas where two or more stores may be overlapping to a certain area. They may decide which store to keep and which to be transferred to other areas that has no stores but shows potential business growth. In this regard, sales territory mapping software helps manage overlap.

Sales Representatives Act Smarter

In sales, sales representatives need to consistently show their value. It’s impossible to do so when they don’t have anything to look up to. A sales territory map serves as a guide to keep their focus. Mapline provides clear territory boundaries that help describe the areas of business coverage. Using a web-based mapping service like Mapline can help organization to define their areas of responsibility.

Using territory mapping, a sales rep can organize his customers and prospects. A sales territory map can show all customer locations. This helps a sales rep to connect better with his customers. Using other mapping tools, he can create a radius map so he can make sales visits to his customers better. Looking at his boundaries, a sales rep can compute his progress. How long does it take for him to cover his assigned territory? How many new customers does he had over the last quarter? What are his winning as well as his losing areas? Why? What are somefactors affecting his sales?

Understand the Business Better

Sales territory mapping with Mapline creates a series of ideas that can be discovered in data analysis and timely apply in business operations. Maps provide the exact structures that enable spatial analysis of your data. Thus, Excel spreadsheet data can be compared and contrasted with other data layers. Map Excel data and quickly see the relationship between your customers, your competitors and other geographical factors affecting your business.

Sign up to start your sales territory mapping!


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Visualize Data Locations
Visualize Data Locations
Visualize Data Locations